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Old Times Review
The late Harold Pinter has had a Broadway resurgence of late. Following star-studded productions of Betrayal and No Manís Land two years ago comes the Roundabout Theatre Companyís transfixing 70-minute revival of the Nobel Prize winnerís haunting 1971 memory play Old Times. The cast includes film and TV star Clive Owen, but itís his co-stars, Eve Best and Kelly Reilly, who deliver the more compelling performances.

As with much of Pinterís work, the elliptical nature of Old Times lends itself to a host of interpretations. On the surface, Deeley (Owen) and Kate (Reilly), a married couple who live quietly by the sea, are visited by Anna (Best), Kateís outgoing former roommate during their swinging London days. Dinner and reminiscing soon segue into a power struggle between Deeley and Anna for ďpossessionĒ of Kate.

Itís been suggested that Kate and Anna are different sides of the same woman, or that one or both of them are dead and exist only in Deeleyís mind. Douglas Hodgeís production seems to favor the latter. Christine Jonesís mostly naturalistic set includes a vortex backdrop reminiscent of the Doctor Who intro, and an eerie soundscape composed by Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Owenís Deeley abounds with archness but doesnít reach into the core of his pain or loss. Reilly makes Kate an appropriately enigmatic figure. But itís Best, so magnificent in past Broadway outings of A Moon for the Misbegotten and Pinterís The Homecoming, who commands attention. Her Anna is smart, alluring, vulnerable and quixotic. ďThere are things I remember which may never have happened but as I recall them so they take place,Ē Anna says at one point. Old Times is just as slippery, mysterious and seductive.

By Diane Snyder

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Clive Owen, Eve Best, Kelly Reilly

Open/Close Dates
Opening 10/6/2015
Closing 11/29/2015

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Preview Opening 9/17/2015
Closing Open-ended

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American Airlines Theatre
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