6th Annual Black Artstory Month on Myrtle Avenue

6th Annual Black Artstory Month on Myrtle Avenue
Feb 01, 2018
 to Feb 28, 2018 Official Site

Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership is proud to present the 6th Annual Black Artstory Month, SANKOFA: GO BACK AND GET IT, February 1-28. The month-long event series and Artwalk named this year by artist Ramona Candy, speaks to the notion that the best way forward is by stopping to reflect in order to be informed, empowered and inspired by foremothers and fathers and lessons of the past. FREE events take place every Friday and include everything from visual art, to poetry readings, storytelling and more. Featuring the work of 10 Brooklyn-based visual artists, Black Artstory takes place at businesses along Myrtle Avenue and at a variety of venues including Brooklyn Navy Yard’s BLDG 92 Ingersoll Community Center, Leisure Life NYC, and Five Spot Soul Food.

SANKOFA recognizes the arts’ ability to act as a medium and conduit to expose, question and inspire when other forms of communication or action fall short. Themes include: altar, inheritance, transference, ritual, ancestors, tradition, lineage, sacred spaces, liberation, and power.

“It is of utmost importance that we know where we come from and what greatness we have brought, and continue to bring to the world. Our history is our pride. No matter what that history might consist of, it is who we are. Sankofa is an opportunity to go back and fetch that which makes us “us” and brought us to where we stand today. Honor our past, celebrate our history, teach each other, especially our youth, about those on whose shoulders we now stand.”

– Artist, Ramona Candy

“We are thrilled to present Black Artstory for a 6th year in a row. It’s truly an honor to present American History, and in many ways, World History, each year on Myrtle Avenue with special emphasis on the Arts, and which honors the rich traditions of African-Americans and people of the African Diaspora,” shared Meredith Phillips-Almeida, Executive Director of the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership.

Each year the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership creates this opportunity for artists, to celebrate the community’s rich African-American history, and invite new audiences to experience arts & culture on Myrtle Avenue.

About the 6th Annual Black Artstory Artwalk
Visitors can take a self-guided art stroll that features the work of 10 artists in 6 locations along Myrtle Avenue, during regular business hours. The work celebrates the contributions that African Americans are making in the art world and is on display from Feb 1-28. Participating venues are concentrated on Myrtle Avenue between Washington Park & Classon Avenues.

MAP will be available soon at www.myrtleavenue.org/blackartstory.

The Share Series, Feb 2, 7pm (theater, dance, music & spoken word)
Event Description: University Settlement’s SHARE! Series is an ongoing, mobile performance event that brings artists of all ages and stages of development together on one equal platform. It’s a time to testify, witness and connect with the artists in your community. All performances will be curated by Brooklyn’s first Intergenerational Community Arts Council. *Curated by Brooklyn’s first Intergenerational Community Arts Council, a joint initiative of BRIC and University Settlement. Location: Ingersoll Cornerstone Community Center, 177 Myrtle Avenue

Literary Heroes, Feb 9, 7 pm (poetry)
Event Description: Curated by Suhaly Bautista-Carolina in partnership with Willow Brooks. A celebration of past literary heroes, bringing their voices into the present. Poets: Roberto Carlos Garcia, Keisha Gaye Anderson. Sokunthary Svay, and Randall Horton will read pieces by poets whose work inspires them & also share their own works. Location: Leisure Life NYC, 559 Myrtle Avenue

Our History, Our Pride: Hindsight is 20/20, Feb 16, 7 pm (portrait art & storytelling)
Event Description: Curated by Ramona Candy this exhibition of 20 collage sketches by motivational artist (and accidental historian) Candy depict individuals who have made unique contributions and have amazing stories. Actor, storyteller, playwright Daniel Carlton will join Ramona with original stories and spoken word. Attendees will have an opportunity to create their own collaged short stories based on the life of someone in their immediate history.  Location: Locals, 332 Myrtle Avenue

Currency | Current See, Feb 23, 7pm (live art & conversation)
Event Description: Part of Reparations365--a multi-genre series on the topic of reparations for Black Americans . Visual artists, movers, neighbors, and activists gather to explore flow, value, and exchange, rooted in the understanding that our current monetary system in the United States was founded and resourced by the free labor of enslaved Africans, and this system continues to thrive at the expense of Black lives, socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, and our collective humanity in the U.S. and beyond.  Participants will have the opportunity to illuminate more humane and sustainable ways to develop and engage in currency systems.  Special guest participants will set the tone for creative response and the amplification of Black voices. Curated by JACK. Location: Brooklyn Navy Yard Bldg 92, 63 Flushing Avenue

*Space is limited/ Arrive early. RSVP for all events here.

About Black Artstory Month on Myrtle Avenue
Black Artstory Month is an annual series that celebrates the contributions that African Americans have made and are making within the visual and performing arts world. Coinciding with Black History Month, Sankofa will transform Myrtle Avenue into a cultural destination with window murals and events featuring the work 10 artists.  Every year the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership partners with local artists and arts organizations to present the month-long celebration, and activate the main street with public art & FREE cultural programming.

Author: Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership

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