Chasing the Tides, or Exposure

Performing Arts
Dec 09, 2022
 to Dec 18, 2022 7:30pm
to 7:30pm $12
to $25 Official Site

In this tense one-woman show, combining text with physical theater, eerie images mix with an internal monologue as the writer/ performer Matilda Woods (writing under a pseudonym) dives into a series of events from her life, swimming in the ever-shifting waters of memory. A woman, bound by conventions and expectations that befall her gender, navigates the fluctuating tides of exposure and concealment. When the truth is suppressed, it gains power and momentum. Where in a woman’s body does that power live, and when it is finally released, where does it go? What is the sensation? Disquiet? Hysteria? Or something far more sinister? Chasing the Tides, or Exposure is a Rorschach test of a play, guaranteed to evoke a strong response in everyone who ever struggled with secrets. Jessica Burr directs.

This production is presented by Theaterlab as part of the 2022 Gallery Series.

Author: Blessed Unrest

Hell's Kitchen
357 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor
(between 8th and 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10018
(212) 929-2545


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