FoodieCon is Coming to NYC this Fall

FoodieCon is Coming to NYC this Fall
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Oct 14, 2023
to 5:30pm Official Site

On October 14th, the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One (NYCWFF) debuts FoodieCon® presented by Instagram – a first-of-its-kind event hosted by the most influential content creators within the food and beverage community. This one day event within NYCWFF is an all-day experience for all ages, exploring the intersection of food, culture and social media, all in support of NYCWFF’s charitable partner, God’s Love We Deliver, New York City's only provider of life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling.

With engaging panels, discussions, competitions and more, FoodieCon®, in partnership with Digital Brand Architects, features over 15 viral content creators including Nick DiGiovanni (@nick.digiovanni, 1.9MM followers), Gianluca Conte, (@itsqcp, 2MM followers), Nadia Caterina Munno (@the_pastaqueen, 2.1MM followers), Nicole Keshishian Modic (@kalejunkie, 1.1M followers), Chris Joe (@cj.eats, 762K followers), Palak Patel (@thecutneylife, 247K followers), Fabrizio Villalpando (@theemoodyfoody, 128K followers), Tiffany Chen (@tiffanytchen, 385K followers), Nasim Lahbichi (@lahbco, 368K followers) and Jake Cohen (@jakecohen, 1MM followers).

Originally launched as part of the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One in 2023, FoodieCon® gained instant popularity, selling out to an audience of consumers, influencers, and industry folks alike. Due to popular demand, FoodieCon® makes its formal debut in New York with a more robust talent lineup and programming schedule. For the past 16 years, NYCWFF has brought together top international culinary talent – from Bobby Flay and Jet Tila to Rachael Ray and Daniel Boulud, and beyond – and generated more than $14.8 million in net proceeds for its charitable causes. Now the Festival evolves, continuing to be at the forefront of the ever-changing food-media landscape, by exploring the role of social media and this new generation of tastemakers.

On Saturday, October 14th, FoodieCon® will consist of interactive workshops, book signings, and more, at the Hard Rock Hotel New York, the headquarters for FoodieCon®. Talent includes:

  • Brian Lindo, @briancantstopeating - Brian is a food & lifestyle content creator based in New York with a passion for culinary exploration. Growing up in a Jamaican household where family meals played a central role, it was clear to Brian that food was his ideal entry point for cultural immersion. Brian has worked extensively with restaurants highlighting their cuisine and humanizing their story to his audience of 200k+ across Instagram and TikTok. Brian has been featured in Forbes, and NY Mag’s The Cut. When he’s not sharing the latest hot spots around the city, he enjoys running, meditation, and planning his upcoming wedding to fiancé Alyssa.

  • Chris Joe, @cj.eats - Chris Joe is a 3rd generation Chinese-American home cook who has always loved food and cooking. Since leaving his full-time job in corporate finance to pursue food content creation in 2021, he has shared hundreds of easy, approachable recipes for his 1.8M+ followers via Instagram, TikTok, and his food blog. His main inspiration is his grandfather, an immigrant entrepreneur who was the chef of his family and expressed his love through food.

  • Danny Mondello, @meals_by_cug - Mondello is known for his comedic, down-to-earth food reviews about New York restaurants. With 3.4 million fans across social media, he has worked with celebrities and chefs such as Post Malone and partnered with brands including Fat Sal’s and GrubHub.

  • Dylan Lemay, @djlemay2- Dylan Lemay is the founder of Catch’N Ice Cream in NYC, and is the largest ice cream focused digital creator in the world with over 14.4 million followers across platforms. He began his digital career by mastering short form content and sharing his genuine and contagious passion for all things ice cream through daily videos.

  • Fabrizio Villalpando, @themoodyfoody- Based in New York, NY, Fabrizio Villalpando is a Mexican American self taught home cook with over 1 million followers, who prides himself on being an advocate for "comfy cooking." Known for his soothing ASMR-style videos, Fabrizio's main goal is to slice away at the intimidating reputation of the kitchen, and show fellow home cooks worldwide, regardless of skill level, how simple it can be to enjoy both casual and fine dining at home. Fabrizio is also the co-host of the Friends of The Anthony Bourdain Podcast.

  • Gianluca Conte, @itsqcp - Gianluca Conte, widely recognized as QCP, is the culinary content creator who brings the best of Italian cuisine to the palates of food enthusiasts worldwide. Gianluca grew up in Charlotte, NC where his father was the proud owner of four of the city's most popular Italian restaurants. Since creating recipe videos on TikTok, Gianluca has become a global sensation, captivating the taste buds and hearts of millions through his innovative recipes and distinct comedic touch. With an impressive social media following of over 18 million devoted fans, he has solidified his position as the foremost pasta influencer, showcasing his culinary expertise to the world.

  • Jake Cohen, @jakecohen - Jake Cohen is a New York Times bestselling cookbook author based in NYC. After working in some of NYC’s best restaurants and test kitchens, he wrote his first book, Jewish, about his love of modern Jewish cooking and baking. His sophomore book, I Could Nosh, comes out on September 12. Jake and his recipes have been featured on The Drew Barrymore Show and the Food Network, to name a few, and he is known on TikTok and Instagram for his challah braiding videos and recipes.

  • Jeremy Jacobowitz, @jeremyjacobowitz - Jeremy Jacobowitz brings along his over 750k followers on his food adventures all over the world, from finding that hidden gem in NYC, the best omakase in Japan, or creating a fun recipe in his home kitchen studio. Jeremy has had an online presence for over a decade, and has worked in food TV as an assistant and producer for Bobby Flay. Along with his daily videos on his own channels, he has hosted and appeared on programs for brands such as Thrillist and Seamless, to name a few.

  • Lynn Yamada Davis, @lynjia -Lynn Davis is a retired engineer. In 2020 during COVID lockdown, her son Tim, who is a videographer, began filming her and her husband doing daily chores such as cooking. Tim continued to video his mom in the kitchen while they were all home together. Lynn's first viral cooking video was of a bacon egg and cheese, and the rest is history.

  • Nadia Caterina Munno, @the_pastaqueen- Nadia Caterina Munno, also known as “The Pasta Queen,” is an Italian-born chef, social media star with millions of followers, entrepreneur, author and mom-of-four with. Her family, known in Rome as the “Macaronis,” has been making pasta and wine in their factory in Southern Italy since the 1800s. She is the New York Times and international best-selling author of The Pasta Queen: A Just Gorgeous Cookbook, and is known for her straightforward recipes, palpable humor and effervescent personality.

  • Nasim Lahbichi, @lahbco - With nearly 1 million followers across channels, Nasim Lahbichi is a cook and content creator based in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in a Puerto Rican-Moroccan household, he was exposed to different cultures and communities throughout his childhood, making food the gateway to learning more about the traditions that were so different, yet similar, to the ones he took part in.

  • Nick DiGiovanni, @nick.digiovanni - In December 2020, Nick DiGiovanni was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30Rising Stars in the Culinary World. With over 25 million followers across channels, he is a 25 year old grad of Harvard, who was the youngest contestant to ever compete in the finale of MasterChef. He started cooking when he was eight years old, and first worked in restaurants in high school, including an internship at Benu, a Michelin three-star restaurant in San Francisco. Nick is also the founder of Voodles, which helps revolutionize the way kids eat vegetables.

  • Nicole Keshishian Modic, @kalejunkie- Nicole Keshishian Modic is a lawyer turned recipe developer, author of the popular cookbook Love To Eat, and the founder of @kalejunkie, with over 1.5 million followers across channels. Her journey in the kitchen began when she was recovering from an eating disorder and healing her relationship with food, when she began experimenting with ingredients and learned to create more nutritious versions of the foods she used to restrict and avoid.

  • Palak Patel, @thechutneylife - Palak Patel is a home chef, cookbook author and lifestyle blogger, aiming to inspire people to try their hand at creating the sort of globally inspired meals she makes everyday in her kitchen. Growing up in a traditional South Asian family in America, there was always a “mix and match” at play in her mom’s kitchen. It’s where she developed her deep love of cooking, and learned from her mom’s ability to swap spices and ingredients across almost any dish in the most unique way.

  • Tiffany Chen, @tiffanytchen - Tiffy’s best-known for sharing her delicious home recipes with over 3.5 million dedicated followers and counting. She is an impassioned, self-taught home cook, multi-hyphenate blogger, content creator, entrepreneur, and author who gifts the world with her diverse perspective on food and cuisine. Tiffy’s upbringing exposed her to a diverse dining scene and culinary culture, broadening her desire to create and share recipes that are both exciting and easily accessible for the everyday home cook looking to broaden their palate and knowledge of global cuisine.

Founded by Lee Brian Schrager, also the Chief Communications Officer for Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, The Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One is hosted by God’s Love We Deliver with 100% of the Festival’s net proceeds supporting New Yorkers facing severe illness. Over the past 16 years, the Festival has generated more than $14.8 million in net proceeds for its charitable causes. Schrager is widely recognized for his creation of both the Food Network South Beach (SOBEWFF) and New York City Wine & Food Festivals, which have collectively raised more than $51 million for their respective benefiting charities.

FoodieCon® tickets are now available at, and NYCWFF’s 2023 program of events are available at Follow @foodiecon on Instagram, and @NYCWFF onFacebook,Twitter andInstagram, and on TikTok at @NYCWineFoodFestival.

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