Revolutionary New York Walking Tour

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Jul 09, 2022
 to Jul 09, 2022 11:00am
to 1:00pm $35
to $40 Official Site

Walking Tour Led by Mrs Q*

In 1776 all eyes were on “The Island at the Center of the World”

Experience the spellbinding story of the events leading up to the American Revolution while walking on the very streets where it happened, from the Stamp Act of 1765 through General Washington’s Farewell at the end of the War for Independence in 1783.

You'll visit:

The Liberty Pole where violent clashes took place between the people of the town and British soldiers

The Commons where the Declaration of Independence was read in 1776

Site of Kings College, the oldest college in NY (now Columbia University)

St. Paul's Chapel, the oldest building in Lower Manhattan, built in 1766 and still in use today

Queen Street, where members of the Culper Spy Ring operated under the nose of the British Command

Fraunces Tavern, where General Washington gave his farewell to his officers.

Hear the stories of Sons of Liberty, soldiers, printers, and spies and the risks they took to fight against the oppression of the British Empire.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. Ticket purchase for this walking tour includes complimentary Museum admission.

Fraunces Tavern Museum
Financial District
54 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10004


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