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Thu 12/30/21 to Sun 1/16/22
7:00pm to 7:00pm
$25 to $35

Margaret Edson's powerfully imagined Pulitzer Prize–winning play examines what makes life worth living through her exploration of one of existence's unifying experiences ― mortality ― while she also probes the vital importance of human relationships.   The Seeing Place's production stars Erin Cronican, a real life Stage IV cancer patient in a heartfelt and intimate portrayal of Vivian Bearing.   SYNOPSIS: Vivian Bearing, Ph.D., a renowned professor of English who has spent years studying and teaching the brilliant and difficult metaphysical sonnets of John Donne, has been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Her approach to the study of Donne, and her cancer, is aggressively probing, intensely rational. But during the course of her illness—and her stint as a prized patient in an experimental chemotherapy program at a major teaching hospital—Vivian comes to reassess her life and her work with a profundity and humor that are transformative both for her and the audience.

Author: Margaret Edson

The Seeing Place @ The Paradise Factory
East Village
64 East 4th St
New York, NY 10003