30 Pack Jack

30 Pack Jack
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Genre: Heavy Metal

Band Bio: 30 Pack Jack is a metal phenomenon from Long Island New York. Their break through style stems from a diverse range of influences built up over many years of musical training and appreciation. "30 Pack" strives to master a new sound of Metal using genres from Classical to Thrash. They once said "We are not afraid to explore any and all styles of music. It seems like some bands are trapped in a repetitive cycle and we have been known to do just the opposite of that." Due to their range 30 Pack Jack has proven capable of handling themselves in front of any crowd . This was shown when they were asked to play a soft rock night at the Continental in New York City only a couple of weeks after they destroyed the other bands in a Long Island Hard Rock/ Metal showdown at the Downtown in Farmingdale N.Y. Their style appeals to a wide variety of people. It is not uncommon at their shows to see a group a 50 year old men bobbing their heads behind a mash-pit of rowdy young adults and teens.

30 Pack Jack understands that no matter what is said to explain themselves the real power of a band comes from the fans and their following says it all. The bands, self released debut album ...A Long Way From Sober sold over five hundred copies in both private sales and stores across Long Island and New York City. Some of these stores being Slipped Disc, Cd Island, Empire Records, Rhino Records and Tower Records. They were also featured on the Towers Records U.K. new release section, among many major label artists.

When all is said and done this band will always come through with great music, good stories and a riotously drunk, hard rocking, ear's ringing, balls to the wall good time. They will leave you thinking... Well, it was said best buy one their fans. "You guy's make me want to get in to a fight then go home and fuck my wife." (Bill) 30 Pack Jack wants you to know that they are dedicated to the progression of their art and will continue to thrill crowds for the rest of their lives.