41 Gorgeous Blocks

41 Gorgeous Blocks

Genre: Punk

Members: Matt Riggle - Guitars / Vocals
Matt Morris - Drums / Vocals
Tanner Leas

Official Site: http://www.41gorgeousblocks.com/

Band Bio: With his brother Bobby, singer-guitarist Matt Riggle co-founded the pop-punk trio Ed Banky's Car in 1993. Sadly, in November 1997 things were brought to an abrupt halt when Bobby unexpectedly passed away. In 1998, as an attempt to begin again with music, Riggle joined the already established power-pop group, The Fitz, but by the end of the year, the flame had gone out and a yearlong break ensued.

With the new lineup comfortably in place, early 2003 saw the release of the Well? EP, and late 2003 was spent recording the follow-up full-length Well I Sorta Know How You Feel (released in February 2004). Sporadic regional touring continued throughout the year, including a stint of shows with Berkeley pop-punk heroes, The Mr. T Experience.

In September 2004, 41GB went up to Tulsa, Oklahoma to record a yet-to-be-released EP with Stephen Egerton (of ALL/Descendents) at his new studio. In October 2004, Deedle announced he would be leaving the band at the end of the year so he could take a break from music and have more free time.

The band (now a three-piece) continues on, stubbornly, claiming it's too early to give up and too late to quit. A new full-length is scheduled for production in 2005, and touring, as always, is erratic at best but always gaining momentum. Except, of course, when it?s losing it.

By: 41GorgeousBlocks.com