6 Second Crush

6 Second Crush

Members: Jonathan Whittaker - Vocals, Guitar
Phil Jacobs - Drums
Chris Trumpower

Official Site: http://www.6secondcrush.com/

Band Bio: Founded in 2001 with different members, the band went through some lineup changes and finally settled down with Jonathan Whittaker on vocals, Tom Buckwalter on bass, Chris Trumpower on guitar, and Phil Jacobs on drums. The music ranges from heavy thrashing guitars, off tempo beats, to melodic vocals and punishing screams. Though 6 Second Crush's live show is where the band truly shines. The explosion of sound, flailing bodies, vocals filled with heart and emotion one second, turn into ear shattering screams the next, has left many concert goers in awe - which has left the band members spent & broken, gasping for a breath of air. And they love every second of it. Hailing from New Haven, CT. area, the band has also supported such acts as Woven (Interscope Records), Count The Stars (Victory Records), Mae (Tooth & Nail), Steel Train (Drive-Thru), Plain White T's (Fearless Records) and also has been featured in The Webster Star, The New Haven Advocate, Bulletproofpopemobile.com & Calamityproject.com.

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