Aberdeen City

Aberdeen City

Members: Christopher McLaughlin - guitar, vocals
J. Ryan Heller - guitar
Rob McC

Official Site: http://www.aberdeenmusic.com/

Band Bio: In 2001, the four members of Aberdeen City met while smoking outside of a lecture series about unfulfilled childhood potential entitled ?Young Hopes, Dead Dreams?. They quickly learned how much they had in common. Each was lauded as a "boy genius" in his youth. But, due to 4 parallel twists of fate, no member was able to achieve any real degree of individual success. The music of Aberdeen City is their attempt to make sense of a world that gives no second chances.

Soon after their initial encounter, the band rented a small house with a basement in Boston?s Russian neighborhood. Creativity ran high as they explored their newfound focus on the group; a pleasant change from the lofty expectations on the individual that characterized their childhoods. The band?s songwriting was informed by their propensity for experimenting as well as their love of pop music. They found that swirling guitars, driving beats and moody vocals could be quite memorable if used in just the right combination. Comparisons were made from U2 and Echo and the Bunnymen to Sonic Youth and Radiohead. Bradley?s vocals took cues equally from crooners like Scott Walker and Neil Hannon and rock legends like David Bowie and Bono.

In 2003, Aberdeen City independently released their self-produced "We Learned By Watching" [EP]. Reviews were favorable. The band's debut LP, "The Freezing Atlantic", will be released in the fall of 2005 on Dovecote Records.

By: AberdeenMusic.com