Acid Reign

Acid Reign

Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: 2003 is the year of the uprising. Three years in the making, Acid Reign?s first full-length album Ready Yet? contains some of the most groundbreaking sounds that ears have been thirsting for in the stagnant world of what is considered hip-hop today. Ready Yet? is a collection of different songs compiled from 1999 to the present. It is filled with rapid-fire flow, biting lyrical commentary, and intricate musical compositions that feature the skills and styles of various producers who complement the Acid Reign sound. Ready Yet? displays the development of the strikingly different yet cohesive styles of three different MC?s: Beond, Gajah, and Olmeca.

Beond brings a fierce and confident attitude into his rap. He also brings street-cipher legitimacy, as he is always willing to enter or begin a battle. He has been the backbone of Acid Reign, having worked as the group?s booking agent and manager in the past. Gajah brings creativity?he is all about artistic integrity, where a good verse with perfect overdubs is far more important than having a legion of supporters. The sharpest, clearest, and most avant-garde member of the Reign, he has brought unorthodox ideas and styles into the Acidic Camp. Olmeca brings a stable foundation to the group. A member of L.A. based band, Slowrider, and a co-founder of Nomadic Sound System Records, he has set paths for the Reign outside of the obvious hip-hop joints. His politically and metaphysically driven lyrics awaken the voice of social consciousness that lingers within Acid Reign?s eclectic choice of music and message. He is a complex individual, being the most unpredictable musician in the group.

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