Genre: Rock

Members: Dan Mineart
Ryan Parrish
J.K. Royston
Justin Turner

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Band Bio: Through a generation where terms like "disposable music" and "label-manufactured" are often used in reference to the music industry emerges ADELYN, a passionately original and hard-working quartet set on doing things the old fashioned way; winning over the masses one by one. Since it's initial conception in Virginia in early 2002, Adelyn has been dedicated to bringing powerhouse live performances to enthusiastic audiences across the Mid-Atlantic region, earning them slots playing with the likes of Incubus, Something Corporate, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Yellowcard, Velvet Revolver, Hoobastank, The Receiving End of Sirens, Emery, Silverstein, Silvertide, My American Heart, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, The Format, alexisonfire, Kiss, Poison, Edwin McCain, and others along the way. With a rapidly growing fanbase and a tireless work ethic, Adelyn continues to grow as one of the most promising names in the Mid-Atlantic rock circuit.

"It's really about honesty for us," says guitarist J.K. Royston. "It's about how the right note played the right way can make your spine tingle. We want every note to send you spiraling through the emotions that only music can." In every recording and live performance, Adelyn establishes its signature sound as dynamic and intricate, radiating with a sense of urgency in its melodic and rhythmic composition. Imagine a fusion combining the intensity and drama of melodic modern rock with a distinct indie twist. Lyrically, vocalist Ryan Parrish explores emotional themes taken from all points of the human condition with a degree of social relevence and maturity far beyond his years. The big picture? "A lot of it is about trust," Parrish explains. "A lot of times, getting what we want out of life is as simple as pointing yourself in one direction and running with it. The real question often isn't of which direction to point ourselves in, but whether we trust ourselves enough to take that first step."

Three years of passionate performances, heartfelt songwriting, and growing up has built Adelyn into what it is today; a maturing band with an unyielding drive to create meaningful and relevant music. In April 2005, Adelyn released their long anticipated debut full length, All Systems Are Down. "We didn't want record a collection of songs," Parrish insists. "We wanted to make something that might drive you to think about things in your own life from a different perspective." He smiles and adds, "It's not exactly a concept album, but it's definitely an album with concept, if you know what I mean." All Systems Are Down showcases the dependency between impulse and gracefulness, exploring the beauty in life that is so often hidden during darker times. "It's definitely a dark record," Royston elaborates. "But it's not dark in the way that most people would expect. No doubt these songs deal with some of the darker aspects of life. But if you listen close, you might find something beautiful amidst it all."

This year has brought Adelyn both new challenges and opportunities even without the support of a record label or booking agency. "Things have really picked up since we released the full length [All Systems Are Down, 2005]," bassist Dan Mineart explains. "We're touring a lot more consistently than we ever have before while still trying to push ourselves to the next level for the next record." Adelyn independently booked and performed a 50+ date regional tour this summer, including several East Coast dates on the Vans Warped Tour, a showcase at the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis, and dates opening for Silvertide, Hoobastank, Velvet Revolver, and Judas Priest. Additionally, they have been accepted for showcases at music conferences this fall including CMJ, the Dewey Beach Music Festival, and NEMO. "We're just trying to stay out there and play as many shows as we can right now," says drummer Justin Turner. "Performing is one of our favorite parts of what we do, so we try to put the show in front as many people as we can."

Adelyn continues to place a strong emphasis on charity and giving back to the community. "We really try to keep things in perspective," Royston confides. "Because at the end of the day, there are so many people out there who are saving lives and doing far more important jobs than we are. We're blessed to be doing what we love, to have such a hard working support staff, to have such supportive families and friends and fans, and to have each other. We all believe that it's our responsibility as a band to do anything we're capable of to give back some of the charity we've been blessed with to those less fortunate." A percentage of all album sales from All Systems Are Down is donated monthly to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Adelyn also continues to perform free benefit concerts as well as enthusiastically donating their time and music freely to those in need. Adelyn strongly urges you to make a difference in someone's life and research some of the organizations on their links page.