Genre: Heavy Metal

Members: Timmy - bass, vocals
Lando - guitar, vocals
Skot - vocals, guitar

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Band Bio: Societal paranoia and mysanthropy beget anger. Anger begets passion. Passionate acts beget confusion. Confusion begets explination....... Adolyne began in 2002 as a means for four geeks to violently express themselves without being arrested. This is still more or less the aim two and a half years later and we arn't behind bars yet. This arrangment has spawned a cacophony of audio abuses and renoun live show that could be described as a multi-faceted catharsis for the band,and I suppose entertainment for you. With the addition of technological demolitionman Revington Tavves ( also known as 'Holzkopf' in the experimental community) and new bassist Tim Arsenalt in 2004, the line-up was finalized and work on thier debut album " I'm Walking The Red Carpet Motherfucker" began. It is expected to be released in early 2005.