Members: Nicola Kuperus - vocals, lyrics & instruments
Adam Lee Miller - instruments &

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Band Bio: ADULT. is world-renowned for their live performances and they took it up a notch by revealing themselves as the new three piece during their recent ?D.U.M.E.? tour. The new three point dynamic is a totally visceral live experience designed to leave the audience and the band winded every night. Witnesses to their recent American and European mini-tour, that took them from L.A. to Moscow and several points between, can attest to that.

ADULT. is three people with a lot going on. While Kuperus and Miller run the seminal Ersatz Audio label, show their paintings and photography and restore historic homes in Detroit, Consiglio participates in several other music and performance projects such as the art-cum-theater collective Perfect Wieners and Butts and Ersatz Audio?s own Tamion 12 Inch.

ADULT. is describing ?Gimmie Trouble? as the definitive sound of the new urban hunting range. Camping with screaming crickets and swimming with electric zapper fish. Riding an empty city bus from the Interzone to the exurbs or jumping in your Ford and getting the hell outta Dodge. It?s like a junkyard, a graveyard, a deviant late night hangout and a deviant early morning at a law firm. It?s gripping like your fist around a long neck and relieving like your first pull from it. It?s straight outta Michigan.