Aeon Spoke

Aeon Spoke

Members: Paul Masvidal - vocals, guitar
Sean Reinert - drums, vocals
Evo - guita

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Band Bio: Paul and Sean first bonded musically as teenagers in Miami, where proficiency and perseverance saw their first band Cynic propelled to indie bestseller status. Cynic went on to become the stuff of cults and web shrines dedicated to their influential and visionary prog-art rock-metal band. As the most requested reissue in the Roadrunner catalog, the Cynic debut titled "Focus" was re-released October 5th. After the excitement of world tours and international kudos, the pair relocated to Los Angeles and formed Aeon Spoke with Evo, introduced by mutual friends and most recently ex-cynic bassist Chris Kringel was welcomed back.

The band moved into the Silver Lake community of East LA and began rehearsals downtown. Establishing a deep musical connection, they began performing throughout California. A collection of songs would soon become the debut ?on Spoke record, completed at various recording studios (including their own home facilities and friends? closet spaces) and co-produced/mixed by John Hiler (The Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, Hedwig & The Angry Inch).

"Lyrically the record explores the depths of spiritual isolation that underlies the human condition," explains lead singer and lyricist Paul Masvidal. Paul had worked as a caretaker for the dying while writing the songs for this record, doing music therapy for transplant patients and other critically ill people. "I came to find out what was most important about living through working with the dying."

Aeon Spoke?s sound is at once earthy and ethereal. Song themes describe the rawer emotions of human experience and reflect on unanswered questions of living in the here and now. Deceptively simple rhythms lay the foundation for soaring vocal melodies and otherworldly harmonic guitar textures. Influences range from early classic folk/rock to many of the contemporary artists expanding the boundaries of modern music. The band?s conviction is "to push the envelope and to keep growing as artists." says Masvidal "It?s important to us that our music add new shades of color to the existing palate of songwriting and sound."