Aeroplane Pageant

Aeroplane Pageant
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Genre: Rock

Members: Brian Kelly - Vocals, Guitar
Tim Watson - Bass, Vocals
Mike Areephituk

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Band Bio: He Is Fire is the debut EP from this five-friend music collective. Hailing from Long Island, New York, Aeroplane Pageant has been compared to both sixties pop and indie rock of the nineties. But truly, they draw influence from the widest range of sources, maintaining a student-like appreciation for many different sounds.

Driven by drummer Erik DeAngelis, Mike Areephituk (guitar), Chris Aguis (guitar), and Tim Watson (bass) weave harmonic layers through Brian Kelly' s insightful lyrics. Each member adds his personal touch to the full balanced approach. Structure, tone, and melody are key components to the artfully sculpted tunes. It's several parts New York City grit mixed with several parts of the cool Atlantic. Dive in.

He Is Fire showcases Aeroplane Pageant's initial evolution of this post rock / avant-pop style. They aim to become a part of a musical sensibility that is founded on the principles of making art for the sake of art. Highly accessible and real, feeling touches on optimism and desperation - sometimes jagged, and sometimes smooth& a moment in each of their lives. Work all day, create all night.