Agents of the Sun

Agents of the Sun

Genre: Punk

Members: Ray: Vocals
Frankie: Bass, Backing Vocals
Ralph: Guitar, Backing Vocal

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Band Bio: The exuberance with which guitarist Jason Fubler sums up the coming together of Baltimore's Agents of the Sun also captures the boundless positive energy with which they approach and deliver every aspect of their music.

Agents of the Sun comprise years and miles of experience for each member in countless previous bands across the country. "Years and miles of shit," states bassist and backup vocalist Frankie Hernandez, a San Antonio native. "The toughest thing is finding the people who are willing to give up everything and work their asses off to pursue the dream," he finishes.

The pursuit of that dream is how AGENTS OF THE SUN, with their debut album Aurora, achieve national attention as one of the hotly anticipated new bands of 2003 "about to burst into the limelight any minute now." (Up and Coming Magazine)

The band has been touring the East Coast since early Spring, sharing the stage with such bands as The Exies, Saliva, Cold, 3 Doors Down, and CKY while selling 3 song CD's and T-shirts off stage at a blistering clip. Their momentum has begun catching at radio, where Top 10 Most Requested at Washington's DC101 led to an opening slot on the station's annual festival. Their DCide debut "Aurora" is set for a October 7th national release through distributor ADA (the independent wing of WEA). The belief is that Agents of the Sun can follow in the wake of indie act Offspring.