Alabama Thunderpussy

Alabama Thunderpussy

Genre: Punk

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Band Bio: 1996, Richmond, Virginia. On a dirt floor basement, Bryan Cox, Erik Larson and Asechiah Bogdan founded Alabama Thunderpussy (ATP). Fueled by a desire to play dirty, kick ass Rock-N-Roll, they honed their skills and began assaulting the local circuit, sans singer. Shortly thereafter, bassist Bill Storms joined ATP and after several failed attempts to find the right vocalist, the band discovered Johhny Throckmorton and the line-up was complete.

With a full band intact, ATP entered the studio and recorded a six-song demo. One of these tapes landed in the hands of Frank Kozik of Man?s Ruin Records and an offer was made to release the demo tape as a CD EP. ATP was already in the habit of constantly writing songs, and in the fall of 1997 the band?s first full length Rise Again was recorded and released in the summer of 1998. Between the recording and release of Rise Again, Bill Storms was asked to leave the band and Sam Krivanec quickly filled the void. Inspired and invigorated by the new line-up, ATp returned to the studio and recorded the River City Revival LP (just prior to the release of Rise Again and it's subsequent southern US tour), which was released in winter, 1999. Within a month of River City?s release, ATP was on tour supporting the album, which featured a stop at the prestigious SXSW Festival where the band met with rave reviews. ATP then headed back into the studio once again in August of 1999 to record again and embarked on their first tour of Europe alongside High On Fire - 28 shows, 29 days and over 50 bottles of whiskey!

Summer 2000 heralded yet another return to the road in the form of full US and UK tours. ATP then delivered split EPs with Halfway To Gone and Orange Goblin and completed another full U.S tour with support provided by Suplecs and Dixie Witch. A final lineup change brought guitarist Ryan Lake and bassist John Peter to the fold, adding an entirely new dimension to the band, enriching and filling out their sound with dual guitar leads and utterly-rocking harmonies.

In May 2002, ATP delivered ten ass-kickin' shots of "moonshine metal" on their Relapse debut Staring at the Divine. With the one-two punch of low-end rumble and twin-guitar harmonies inspired by THIN LIZZY and JUDAS PRIEST, and the do-it-yourself work ethic of their punk rock roots, ATP's songs run roughshod over their contemporaries and straight through your head. Staring at the Divine served up the soundtrack to a whiskey-soaked rumble and showcased ATP's outrageous blend of volume, distortion and blazing hard rock. Continual touring commenced immediately upon the release of Staring... including high-profile appearances as part of the legendary Wacken Festival (August, 2002), the 2002 Relapse CMJ Showcase in NYC and the 2003 Relapse SXSW Showcase in Austin, TX.

Not long after this, Johnny Throckmorton left the band, but ATP quickly found a replacement in Columbus, OH native Johnny Weills. Weills? previous outfit Barbed Wire Dolls released two singles on Sympathy For the Record Industry (Rocket From the Crypt, Turbonegro, Hot Snakes, etc.). Weills earned the coveted position on the strength and variation of his vocal ability as well as his impressive rehearsals with ATP.

ATP have since gone on to record their fifth full-length (fuller than most!) album entitled "Fulton Hill" and are currently in the midst of touring the United States and Europe in support. Check the tour dates section for a constantly growing list of places that you can catch up with ATP live and in person!

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