Genre: Rock

Members: Shane - lead vocals
Kate - lead guitar/screams
Jen - bass
Joe - rhyt

Official Site:

Band Bio: Alabaster began in a dirty-empty-beer-can-infested basement just outside Chicago. Time went on, Alabaster, spread like a wildfire. Onto the many rock stages that local punk bands only dream of gracing, Alabaster concurred. The windy city wanted more. What started as a basement jam session had transformed into an, ?in your face must see sound.? But, with a fan base growing, so did the dream?

With a cold winter wind in Alabaster?s face, the band decided to spawn even further. The goal was to find a more accepting community with as many places to rock as possible. What Alabaster found was Seattle: the greatest rock city in the USA. Well, as far as Alabaster is concerned, it is. So, Alabaster packed up the u-haul truck, snagged as many pennies as possible, and ventured out.

Sure enough, Seattle has offered Alabaster so much. It even found Alabaster a new bassist that has added more to the band's rhythm section then ever imagined. Show after show, Alabaster has endured the grungy house parties at the infamous Stash Spot, they?ve played the glorious Pioneer Square Catwalk Club, and Fremont district?s own Tost. The band has destroyed stages with some of the greatest local acts like, Aces over Kings, Emberghost, A Lesson in Chaos, Los Burbanks, and many more that have been so kind, and so much fun.

But fun isn?t exactly where Alabaster?s heart is; hard-work, and touring is. Where the band wants to be, and believe they could be, with the right backing. Could equal themselves, along with a record label, very fortunate in the pocket and in the head.

Alabaster also believes that they happen to be, ?in the right place, at the right time?. It is now up to you. To be apart of one of the greatest rock bands this generation is begging for?