Alexis Booth

Alexis Booth

Genre: Vocals

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Band Bio: Alexis Booth makes a commanding statement with her debut album Begin, revealing a voice that resonates with power and soul. Recorded in a single day by renowned engineer Jon Kaplan (Jennifer Lopez, Gavin DeGraw, ?NSYNC), this self-written, self-produced album captures the raw, honest power of Alexis? live performance and bears semblance on many levels to a young Aretha Franklin or Bonnie Raitt.

Although Begin marks Alexis? first solo album release, it is by no means the start of her musical career. Classically trained from a young age on piano, trumpet, and French horn, she has spent years refining her voice as an instrument. Her vocals rise above melodies and verses to convey tangible emotion and feeling, while the poetry of her lyrics, coupled with her inherent sense of melody, elevate sentiment to imagery and prove Alexis transcendental beyond her years.

Alexis? first foray into the creative aspect of making music took her into the heart of jazz. There she developed a knack for improvisation, along with a soulful sound that turned heads. Her talents were lauded early on by eminent jazz publication Downbeat Magazine, who presented her the award of ?Best Jazz Vocalist? ? the same honor received by Norah Jones the previous year. While at college, she joined a nationally recognized, self-directed a cappella group where she flexed her creative muscles, arranging inventive choral orchestrations and growing business opportunities.

Alexis later moved to New York City to take advantage of its wealth of musical opportunities. Immersing herself in the city?s rich singer/songwriter scene, Alexis allowed herself the space to develop as a writer and a solo performer. Drawing upon the grace and artistry of contemporaries and legends alike, she has learned to speak from the heart about her own life and experiences ? with the voice of a diva and the words of a poet.

Alexis? magnetism onstage turns heads wherever she goes, eliciting comparisons to Aretha Franklin and Tori Amos, while her captivating delivery has been likened to a young Bonnie Raitt. Her songs themselves are laced with real pathos and humor, mixing influences from Motown to Billy Joel to Sarah McLachlan.

Alexis Booth embodies exactly that which has been conspicuously missing from popular music in recent years: innate talent, and a sheer love and passion for the making of music. If this album is only her Begin-ning, one can hardly imagine to what heights she will rise in the years to come.