All Parallels

All Parallels

Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: Lovers of all forms of rock 'n' roll have something to look forward to this year: the release of All Parallels' full-length debut, 'Formulate a Tragedy' on On the Rise Records. An undeniable achievement for such a young band, the album exhibits a mastery of songwriting that places them at the top of their genre. It will serve as proof that all the hype accumulated around this power trio has been well deserved..

They play a heavy rendition of rock 'n' roll that will appeal to mass audiences, yet it retains an unpolished quality contrary to most of today's radio-friendly rock. Their style simultaneously displays the arrogant bravado of Led Zeppelin or Van Halen circa'81, the bar room trashiness of GNR, and a vulnerable sincerity comparable to Kurt Cobain or Elliot Smith. The music is heavy, but not metal; melodic, but not sweet; intelligent, but not artsy. With an outrageous live show that is truly an event not to be missed, showmanship is combined with raw punk rock energy, and the attack is relentless from the first song to the last chord

Brought together by what the band members consider fate, All Parallels officially came into being in Boston during the Fall of 2001, but the beginnings of this outfit go back nearly a decade. Adam, Larry, and Anthony grew up in neighboring towns of New Jersey and were frequently playing in various bands together. After a period apart where each member was located in different parts of the country, the trio decided to regroup in Boston to form All Parallels. In just over one year's time they had already completed two EPs, gained national attention due to critical praise showered on both recordings, and acquired a loyal following by touring extensively up and down the east coast. Now, relocated in the NYC area, All Parallels returns with a masterpiece, "Formulate a Tragedy".

With this recording we see a band having outdone themselves; they have more than lived up to their potential, and both fans' and critics' expectations will no doubt be exceeded. All Parallels deliver an album that is rough around the edges, raw around the bones, yet somehow shimmering all at once. From the rhythmically frenetic opener, 'Work', to the anthem choruses of 'Marrow' and 'Weight of the World', the record gets better with each new listen. It's dark, sexual, morose, yet the music is highly energized, at times having almost a party feel to it. The songs, with themes of addiction, lust, the perils of love, and clinical depression to name a few, have much to reveal as textures and nuances are uncovered. Now, with the upcoming tour, the world will finally have a chance to open their ears and arms and embrace All Parallels and "Formulate a Tragedy".