Alonzo Bodden

Alonzo Bodden

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Band Bio: Alonzo was born in New York and lives in L.A. Fortunately he's not a rapper because he'd have to shoot himself.

Alonzo has appeared on TV's LAST COMIC STANDING, LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN, MAKE ME LAUGH, FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS, THIRTY-SOMETHING, POWER RANGERS, THE CRAIG KILBOURNE SHOW, THE APOLLO. He was the first comedian invited to appear on THE KEENAN IVORY WAYANS SHOW and has appeared on many other comedy shows. He?s also got an acting career with roles in BRINGIN DOWN THE HOUSE, THE GIRL NET DOOR, ANGEL, GROUNDED FOR LIFE, and PROFILER among others.

His first show was his comedy graduation, which was at the Mayfair Theatre in Santa Monica. Some time would pass before Alonzo would play a venue of such caliber. It was now time for him to "pay his dues".

Alonzo hit the road, breaking his act in throughout the nation's entertainment capitals, Beaumont, Texas; Missoula, Montana; and of course, Pocatello, Idaho.

Returning to L.A. with a honed act, Alonzo worked the open mike circuit appearing in coffeehouses, bars, bowling alleys, and hotel lobbies.

Alonzo describes his humor as "Cynically Good-natured" which explains his broad appeal. Alonzo enjoys the "Def-Jam" comedians, but for his comedy to ring true he has to draw on his own experiences, being raised in the "middle-class hood". Alonzo strives to find humor in the commonality of our life experiences and transcend the race and gender boundaries that separate us -- he'd also like to land a really fat endorsement deal with Nike or Reebok or somebody, anybody... he just likes free stuff.

Alonzo Bodden has the ability to make people laugh about, racism, sports, travel, shopping, dating, and he can fix your Lear Jet.