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Band Bio: Alturas (formally known as RAMA NUEVE) was born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1975. During the first year the group produced the number one hit song in Bolivia. They also entered and won several folk music festivals and traveled throughout South America performing.

Responding to requests from Salt Lake City?s Mayor and the Utah-Bolivia Partners, Inc. the Bolivian government designated Alturas as ambassadors of good will and sent them to tour to Utah. During 1976 the group performed for over 100,000 students throughout Utah, sharing their culture while raising funds for a school building project in their native Bolivia.

Remaining in Utah to continue their education, Alturas took the opportunity to travel with the "Lamanite Generation", a Brigham Young University?s ethnic variety show, throughout most of western U.S.A., Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Romania), Asia (Taiwan, The Philippines, Hong Kong, The People?s Republic of China) and Latin America (Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia), thrilling audiences around the globe.

In the State of Utah, Alturas was featured time and time again in the Utah Arts Festival, the Utah State Fair, the Park City Arts Festival, "La Fiesta" Hispanic festival and many other ethnic and cultural events in the State as well as radio and television appearances. During this time the group also produced two of their own albums, and recorded soundtracks for several films and commercials.

Despite outcries from their followers in Utah, in early 1988 Alturas made their big move to Southern California. Since their first summer at their new home, they amazed crowds at the Laguna Beach?s "Festival of the Arts" and the "Sawdust Festival", "La Quinta Arts Festival", "Los Angeles Pomona Fair". In 1993 Alturas was invited to performed at Los Angeles? Mayor Richard Riordian Inaugural Celebration. They performed for the First Lady of Bolivia Jimena Sanchez de Lozada, in the Miss Bolivia-USA event held in Los Angeles. In 1994 they performed in the WORLD CUP U.S.A. Alturas has also been part of the historic 40th Anniversary Celebration of Disneyland and since then has been performing in its resorts.

Alturas has made his presence known in Sound Tracks, Television Appearances, and is heard in hundreds of Radio Stations around the United States of America, Latin America, and Europe. Their continuous appearances in Universities, Colleges and Festivals have brought audiences to their feet amazed at the skills and professional performance of Alturas.

In March of 2002, Alturas was nominated as Best Group in The Orange County Music Awards (OCMA) in "World Music" Category.

Alturas has always received a warm reception and this has made them take the decision to tour U.S.A. and Canada in the near future. They are looking forward to spread their music to people of all backgrounds who will lend an ear.

Whenever, and wherever they perform, their professionalism and musicianship is always admired. As Alturas begins to play, audiences cannot resist participation, clapping their hands and singing along, they are soon captivated as the music takes them up to the heights of "The Flight of the Condor" for an experience they will never forget.