Genre: Pop

Members: John Andersson ? piano, glockenspiel, and accordion
Andreas Bergqvist ? drums

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Band Bio: Thoughts of starting a band were hatched in the summer of 2001 at a caf? in G?vle, Sweden. Good friends Olof and Andreas W. were, as per usual, discussing music and someone brought up the idea of? well, I?m sure you know where this is going. A band was to be born! The thought of playing pop with country undertones didn?t surprise anyone as both Andreas and Olof are connoisseurs of said music. Contacts were made, bringing in John to play piano and Danne to be the drummer.

Because of distance, mostly geographic, rehearsals were few and far in-between but a simple demo was recorded in an old church and a couple of shows were performed, albeit nervously. More songs were recorded and the live performances were getting steadier when suddenly Andreas W. started having ear-problems and were forced to take a hiatus from the band.

And then nothing happened, for a while. Members prioritized other bands, but at Christmas time Wichita Linemen was once again ready to record. New songs were written and a new demo produced at Studio Janus in G?vle. The outcome was brilliant and the band had their best performance to date at the release-party. The side-bands, which had taken up so much time the previous months, no longer felt interesting and both John and Olof were now fully dedicated to Wichita Linemen.

The summer of 2003 had quite a few changes in store for Wichita Linemen. Danne left the band first, only to be followed by Andreas W. a few weeks later; his tinnitus had made it impossible to continue. This could certainly have meant the end, but somehow everything fell in to place. Andreas number two (referred to as Bosse by friends and enemies) assumed the role of playing bass. And, to completely confuse the entire situation, another Andreas was brought in to drum.

In the spring of 2004 demos were sent out to various record labels and other media-type people. Of those, British label FatCat Records (Sigur Ros, Mum, Animal Collective, Set Fire to Flames etc) was the most interesting choice and a collaboration was established. Rather than rifle through copyright infringements for months, the band decided to lose the ?Wichita Linemen? moniker and instead call themselves ?Amandine.?

The album ?This is Where Our Hearts Collide?, recorded in April-May 2005, will be released in Europe November 14. And in the United States October 17.