Amel Larrieux

Amel Larrieux

Genre: R&B

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Band Bio: Flying high with a recent Grammy nomination for her work as a featured artist on Stanley Clarke?s "Where is The Love," neo-soul songbird Amel Larrieux stretches her own wings as a musical Bravebird in her sophomore solo effort, rising courageously into atmosphere untouched by her contemporaries. Building on critical acclaim earned from her debut, Infinite Possibilities, Amel fuses a range of genres ? R&B, soul, hip-hop, jazz and folk, among them ? to defy an easy pigeonhole. The songs that populate Bravebird are a breed unto themselves, a hybrid of genres flowing effortlessly through each other in a post-modern reverie. Which is not to say that the careful listener won?t identify some unifying themes: a tribute to those who have endured suffering, a plea for immersion, a call to humanity.

In her second outing the beautiful and talented chanteuse continues to captivate, soaring always with confidence and courage, especially in her explorations of love. The ballad "For Real" pulses with the beat of early Prince, offering a classic, unabashed ode to the human heart. On the ethereal "New," acoustic guitars guide a pop-flavored groove, while "Dear To Me" echoes the folk minimalism of Joni Mitchell and Phoebe Snow, backed by the multi-instrumental talents of Amel?s collaborator, husband Laru Larrieux. On the self-love ballad "All I Got," a Zen-like message of "Accept who you are, make the best of the moment" helps craft a modern proletariat anthem.