American Head Charge

American Head Charge

Genre: Heavy Metal

Members: Martin Cock - Vocals
Mr. H.C. Banks III - Bass
Bryan Ottoson - Guitar

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Band Bio: American Head Charge, the Minneapolis-based industrial metal band, which had its genesis nine years ago when Martin Cock (then known as Cameron Heacock) and Chad Hanks (now known as Mr. H.C. Banks III) first crossed paths in a Minnesota rehab facility, has up to now been known primarily for the radically dysfunctional behavior of the band members.

�We were definitely out of control on our first tour, Ozzfest 2001,� Mr. Banks admits. �It wasn�t enough to just play our music; we also had to fire shotguns on stage and throw pigheads at the crowd. Chalk it up to a desperate bid for attention.� The Head Charge rap sheet � which also includes getting into bloody brawls with their fans, smashing equipment they couldn�t afford to replace, reacquainting themselves with hard drugs and occasionally being locked up by the enraged fuzz � has served to obscure the fact that these free spirits play the shit out of their instruments and make brutally powerful music of uncommon distinction.

Mr. Banks describes his band�s dynamic as �a constant battle between Order and Chaos,� and that�s an apt description of the corrosive yet savagely beautiful sonic onslaught AHC delivers on The Feeding. In the end, Order prevails � if just barely � which is a good thing for American Head Charge and their ever-growing legion of fans. If Chaos had come out on top, this dangerously self-destructive but supremely talented band would�ve surely imploded, leaving nothing but wrecked gear, lost souls and mangled body parts. Instead, with all their limbs still attached and pulsing with the endorphins of catharsis, AHC will spend 2005 on the road � and this time, hopefully, not the road to perdition. But this distorted (though hardly inaccurate) perception of the band will likely change with the release of The Feeding, a seething mass of avant metal, nightmare grindcore and moshpit rock that alternates between pummeling ferocity and passages of all-out grandeur. It�s a stunning display of primally extreme music that�s guaranteed to scare the hell out of your parents.