American Hi-Fi

American Hi-Fi

Genre: Pop

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Band Bio: American Hi-Fi has been called a pop band, a pop-punk band, a pop metal band, but it's all just Rock n' Roll to me. After making three records, I have learned to embrace our continual identity crisis. I got into music at an early age. My parents always had music on around the house and in the car. My dad would sing along (in his own special key) to great records -- The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, ELO, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones -- you get the picture. I would set-up pots and pans and sit in front of the stereo with giant headphones on, banging away with wooden spoons to songs like "Tusk" and "Evil Woman." My parents bought me a drum set some years later, and my future was sealed.

On breaks from touring, I would hook up with my buddies in Boston and work on what would become American Hi-Fi. I recruited my best friends to be in the band - I knew Drew Parsons, our bass player, from Tracy Bonham's band. Brian Nolan, our former drummer, was just finishing a stint with the band Fig Dish from Chicago and Jamie Arentzen came from a much loved indie band, the Sky Heroes. It started out as late night jams in the old Cleo rehearsal space. Consisting of Cheap Trick covers and large quantities of beer, I never imagined that we would turn this thing into something real.

Two albums in and a world of touring behind us (Eve 6, Our Lady Peace, Sum 41, Everclear, Elvis Costello, Phantom Planet) our label, Island Records, decided that the future of music was with 'emo' bands. They let us go just as we were hitting the road with Matchbox 20. With very little promotion on our second album, we marched on. The Matchbox tour was amazing and we sold-out our entire U.K. and Japanese tours before we even arrived.

It takes time to figure out who you are, and I feel like we are on our way...

By: American Hi-Fi