8282 Launches Industry Nights

June 29, 2022, 6:18.58 pm ET  

8282 Launches Industry Nights
Photos: 8282                                                                                                  

8282, the playful modern Korean restaurant owned by Chef Bong Le Jo (Perry Street, Dovetail, and Kissaki) and his partner Jee Kim, who previously owned Pado, is launching Industry Nights. 

Every Monday from 7 pm- 12am, simple bar food will be served like Shrimp Parsley Jeon (fritters), Seafood Scallion Jeon, and their popular Boneless K.F.C. - Fried chicken thigh with Korean soy garlic sauce, served with pickled radish noodles.

The night will also showcase head bartender Katrina Sobredilla’s beverage program. Some drinks include a K-Melon Martini (fresh Korean melon, lemon, gray whale gin, Korean melon semi syrup), Grape Cloud (grape soju, empress gin, calpico, coconut aloe), and Soju Bombs. 

8282 is named after South Korea’s area code +82, and a phrase when translated means “quickly” as a testament to their “get-it-done” attitude.

8282 is located at 84 Stanton Street, New York, NY (929) 837 0360

For more information, visit www.eightwoeightwo.com 

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