8282 launches Soju and Cocktail Program on LES

May 26, 2022, 6:46.46 pm ET  

Photos: 8282                                                                                                      

Located on the Lower East Side, 8282 focuses on serving playful yet elevated modern Korean cuisine designed to be shared. The restaurant is owned by Chef Bong Le Jo (Perry Street, Dovetail, and Kissaki), and his partner Jee Kim, who previously owned Pado. The restaurant is named for South Korea’s area code +82, and a phrase that when translated means “quickly” as a testament to their “get-it-done” attitude.

To create the cocktail program, they've enlisted the help of mixologist Kate Savage. Creations include the Yuja Pear Tequila Perilla, a citrus splash of yuja & pear, tequila, lime, garnished with perilla & perilla oil; and the Miss Mija-O, Korean Omjia berry, vodka, Hwayo, lemon, garnished with omija berries. The beverage menu also highlights a Gochujang Margarita, a Korean take on the spicy margarita made with tequila, gochujang syrup, and yuzu triple sec, garnished with a dried orange. The newly-launched Soju Program includes Golden Barley Soju, Seoul Night, and Yangchon Chungju.

Diners will also find small plates, called Anju, like Spring Pea Crudo made with aged yellowtail and lemon yuzu vinaigrette; and Tuna Tartare and Kim Bukak, Bluefin tuna and sesame oil aioli topped with egg custard, and served with fried seaweed chips.


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