A Celebration of Mexican Flavors at Brooklyn's Antojitos

February 13, 2022, 2:10.00 pm ET  

Antojitos, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Quesadilla
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Antojitos Coro York offers traditional flavors of Mexico from a small restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The tamales are among the best in the neighborhood (when you can get them) in flavors like mole, pork and queso-jalapeno.  Also on the menu - a variety of oversized quesadillas filled with everything from steak and chorizo to squash blossoms and chicharron. Tacos, papusas, sopas and tortas are also available. Visitors will also find freshly-made juices in flavors like melon, pina and horchata.

Antojitos Coro York is located at 7215 3rd Ave, Brooklyn.  

For more information visit https://antojitosmexican.com/


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