November 15, 2020, 10:22.45 am ET  


The Al Hirschfeld Foundation has announced a free online exhibition exploring the work of one of the most iconic artists of the last century, entitled "A National Insanity: 75 Years of Looking For NINA,” though January 21.

The exhibit features Hirschfeld's drawings that touch on some part of NINA history, from the very first drawing to the one with the most NINAs to drawings of the elusive Nina Hirschfeld herself. These images will show the different ways Hirschfeld chose to hide NINAs, and what happened when he left them out or made the foolish mistake of trying to include other names. With each drawing, viewers can scroll down to learn more about each image.

"Sunday mornings looking for NINAs was a custom shared by New York Times readers, a game played with children and grandchildren," says David Leopold, Creative Director of The Al Hirschfeld Foundation. "Finding NINAs was an unspoken initiation into the worlds of Broadway, Hollywood, and all the performing arts.”

For this exhibition, there is a special gift shop of merchandise connected to the exhibition; in addition, the foundation’s online shop is offering discounts from $200 to $1,000 on hand- signed,  limited-edition prints on selected prints each week leading up to the holidays. Discount codes are announced each week on the Foundation's social media accounts.

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