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Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan Renamed for Ivan Reitman

November 16, 2021, 11:35.22 am ET

Photo: Alamo Drafthouse                                                                               

The new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lower Manhattan theater at 28 Fulton Street will carry an alternate name, the Ivan Reitman Cinema, in honor of the legendary filmmaker behind such films as “Ghostbusters” and “Stripes.”

A plaque can now be found at the complex that reads in part “Director Ivan Reitman has entertained and influenced generations of film lovers with seminal films like STRIPES, MEATBALLS, and DAVE. In GHOSTBUSTERS, he made hilariously wild concepts feel grounded, and cemented his entire cast – including a 112-foot-tall marshmallow man – into New York icons. Because of his incalculable influence on cinema, this Alamo Drafthouse Cinema shall hereby and forevermore be known as the Ivan Reitman Cinema.”

The re-naming of the cinema was held at a ceremony on November 15, attended by Reitman, which was held beneath the gaze of a massive, nearly 12-foot-tall statue of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, one of the key characters in “Ghostbusters,” complete with gothic columns and terror dog gargoyles.

Beginning Friday, November 19th, the theater will begin showing “Ghostbusters Afterlife,” a sequel to the hit 1984 film, produced by Reitman and directed by his son Jason. All attendees at showings of the film will enjoy a free letterpress postcard from the theater’s bar/museum, The Press Room, featuring original promotional art; a “Ghostbusters”-themed drink menu, featuring an “Ectoplasmic Residue” cocktail and “Ecto-Cooler” juice; and a custom pre-show featuring a kaleidoscope of nostalgia-inducing pop ephemera that fans of the original film will appreciate.