American Brass offering home burger kit

October 9, 2020, 5:45.32 pm ET  

Photo: American Brass                                                                                                    

American Brass is out with a home burger kit.  For $90, diniers will receive everything needed to recreate the four of the restaurant's signature burgers.

The kits include:

- 4 buns baked fresh day of shipment by master bread maker

- 4 beef patties - 28 day dry aged blend from DeBragga mixed with our wagyu flank and fat from our NY Strip

- Homemade Bacon Jam

- Homemade Pickles

- Homemade Dijon Aioli 

- Mild Cheddar

- Chopped Lettuce 

All orders will ship once a week on Thursday and be delivered on Friday. Orders placed after 10am on Thursday will ship out the next week. All Orders ship via Fedex Overnight in order to ensure freshness. Shelf Life 3 days refrigerated or 3 weeks if frozen. Cannot be returned.

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