Awe Sum Dim Sum Arrives in Times Square

November 28, 2021, 11:40.32 am ET  

Awe Sum Dim Sum, NYC, House Dumplings

You don’t have to travel to Chinatown for authentic dim sum. Awe Sum Dim Sum has opened a shop in the heart of Times Square and the only thing missing are the dim sum carts. 
Awe Sum Dim Sum, NYC, Pork Ribs
Diners order assorted Cantonese-style dim sum at the front counter, take a seat and wait for your beeper to flash announcing that your order has arrived. Most items arrive in their own mini bamboo steamers. 
Awe Sum Dim Sum, NYC, Shrimp  Dumplings
Steamed items include shrimp and bamboo shoot dumplings called Har Gow; Watercress Dumplings with shrimp and squid; and Pork Short Ribs. Several types of steamed rice rolls are also offered, including BBQ Pork with cilantro. 
Awe Sum Dim Sum, NYC, Scallion Pancakes
Fried and baked items include Crispy Shrimp Rolls, Pan-Fried Pork Buns, Scallion pancakes, among others. Samplers and combo plates are also available, along with selection of soup, rice and noodle dishes. There are also some sweet itemson the menu, including egg tarts and custard buns. 
Awe Sum Dim Sum is located at 612 Eighth Ave, New York, NY
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