Boozy Lemonade Stand Opens on Governors Island

June 29, 2022, 6:29.48 pm ET  

 Boozy Lemonade Stand Opens on Governors Island
Photos: T.S. Evering                                                                                             

Governors Island will now be home to a Fishers Island Lemonade Shack.  The classic lemonade stand you know and love has grown up as two New York icons come together for a boozy collaboration at Taco Vista on Governors Island.

Beginning Friday, June 24th through the end of July, visitors will be able to enjoy a full range of Fishers Island Lemonade as well as a signature frozen slushy, available only at Taco Vista. Slushy is available in pitchers as well.

Located in the grassy area outside of Taco Vista - just to the left of the ferry when you arrive on Governors Island - anyone stopping by can sip in the shade, hang on the lawn while noshing on tacos + oysters. Fishers Island Lemonade hails from Fishers Island, NY and is America's craft lemonade canned cocktail, made with premium vodka, barrel aged whiskey, lemon and honey.

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