Celebrating the Running of the Bulls at Mercado Little Spain

July 10, 2023, 4:27.13 pm ET  

Photo: Mercado Little Spain                                                                        

This month, celebrate the ultimate Spanish summer fiesta, San Fermín, at José Andres’ Mercado Little Spain. San Fermín is a traditional festival in Pamplona, Spain, held in honor of Saint Fermín. The highlight is the running of the bulls, where participants run alongside bulls through the city streets to the bullring.

At Mercado Little Spain, the celebration includes 50% off of bottles of wine from Navarra, Spain, at all bars and restaurants; a pañuelo—a red handkerchief worn by participants during San Fermín—with the purchase of select dishes; and watching the running of the bulls in the morning at Spanish Diner.

Grab a sweet treat: Rosé soft serve will be available at the Helado counter. Get it served in a Xuxo—a Catalan specialty, the xuxo (pronounced choo-cho) is a fried flaky pastry rolled in sugar and filled with the cream you choose.

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