Dinner at Oceana in Midtown

April 2, 2021, 12:29.13 am ET  

Dinner at Oceana in Midtown, NYC

Oceana, the upscale seafood restaurant near Rockefeller Center, has reopened with indoor dining now at 50 percent capacity.  The restaurant has ample space for social distancing without having you feel like you’re stuck in a bubble. Chefs Michael Aungst and Tim Jocz share the role of Executive Chef. Together, they are committed to the use of seasonal ingredients with some exciting results.

 Dinner at Oceana in Midtown, NYC, Cocktail
Our meal began with a tray of light-as-air focaccia studded with rosemary and perfect for a dip into extra virgin olive oil. It went swimmingly with The Oceana, a refreshing cocktail made from vodka, pomegranate, cranberry and orange.
 Dinner at Oceana in Midtown, NYC, Oysters
A selection of briny oysters should make an appearance during any visit. Ours tasted as if they had just been plucked from the sea. Three varieties were offered: plump Oysterponds from New York, Wellfleets from Massachusetts and smaller yet ultra flavorful Kusshis (Japanese for "ultimate") from British Columbia. They’re served with various sauces and a wedge of lemon.
 Dinner at Oceana in Midtown, NY, Octopus
Another dish worthy of a deep dive is the grilled octopus. It is juicy and tender, served with pork belly  atop mounds of apple, sautéed onion and mustard seeds. It all makes for a delicious bite.

 Dinner at Oceana in Midtown, NYC, Oyster Po Boy
We finished off the meal with a Fried Ouster Po‘ Boy.  The oysters are light, crispy and plentiful.  It's served with house-made kimchi and dollops of spicy aioli.
Dinner at Oceana in Midtown, NYC, Chips
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All in all, it was a fantastic meal. And while Broadway's return is still a few months away, hopefully, restaurants like Oceana would certainly appreciate you patronage. So, next time you're thinking a night out on the town, think Midtown!
Oceana is located at 120 W 49th St, New York, NY (212) 759-5941 Visit the Website


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