Dominique Ansel and Nami Nori Team Up With Ice Cream Temaki Treats

August 16, 2022, 6:13.43 pm ET  

Photos: Dominique Ansel Workshop                                                                    

Dominique Ansel Workshop in Flatiron is teaming up with Nami Nori to launch a trio of Mochi Ice Cream Temaki. They're inspired by the open-style temaki sushi that's signature to Nami Nori and are served in crispy hand-made temaki tuile shells.

They include:

- Passionfruit granita, olive oil sorbet, fresh lime zest, and vanilla mochi
- Hazelnut ice cream, chocolate sea salt crispy rice, vanilla mochi
- Fresh strawberries, strawberry agar gelée, Madagascan vanilla ice cream, and vanilla mochi

All are served in a crispy hand-made temaki tuile made of rice flour. (Bonus: they're all gluten-free as well)

The ice cream treats are available starting Friday 8/19 to SUN 8/22. The prices is $24 for a set of three.

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