Fan-Fan Doughnuts’ Baker’s Dozen for the Holidays

December 21, 2022, 5:54.31 pm ET  

Photo: GLÜHWEIN/Fan-Fan Doughnuts                                             

Fan-Fan Doughnuts, led by Fany Gerson, has completed its Holiday Doughnut Takeover, collaborating with bakers and friends to create 15 specialty doughnut flavors for the holidays.

Flavors include the CAFÉ DE OLLA filled with a cajeta crema (similar to dulce de leche but made from goat’s milk), a coffee glaze with a bit of orange zest, Mexican cinnamon and anise seed; GLÜHWEIN topped with a cassis-mulled wine glaze, toasted Italian meringue and a brown butter almond streusel; COCO PIÑA with a toasted coconut glaze, bits of pineapple and topped with caramelized pineapple, lime zest and flaky pastry nibbles. The inspiration is rooted in Honduran pastelitos; and BUTTERSCOTCH-CHOCOLATE with a butterscotch filling, choc-choc glaze, and dusted with Valrhonausa cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate drizzle.

To see the entire collection, and the bakers behind each doughnut, visit Fan-Fan’s Instagram page.  The collection costs $75 and can be purchased at through the end of December.

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