Finding some confort at Bel-Fries on the LES

June 9, 2020, 11:24.36 pm ET  

Takout is king these days and Bel-Fries (132 Ludlow St; (646) 370-3668) has the comfort food that New Yorkers crave.  European-style, grab-and-go frites served with health safety as a top priority.  The shop is employing old-world techniques that don't cut corners. At Bel-Fries, fresh potatoes are cooked in high quality sunflower oil for optimal crunch, serving as the perfect canvas for sauces, seasonings and toppings. Chef and Owner Stephane Lemagnen brings a modern approach to this traditional street food with creative sauces that range from Coconut Curry to Yuzu Aioli. Other popular sauces include Samurai Sauce—a spicy Belgian condiment made with Japanese mayonnaise, ketchup and sambal oelek and Black Truffle Mayo—a flavorful favorite made with chopped black truffles.  Bel-Fries also offers vegan sauces like a homemade Veganaise, a vegan twist on traditional mayonnaise, and a zesty BBQ Sauce to pair with their Fries. Bel-Fries is open daily from 1pm to 8pm for takeout only.  

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