Flavorful Changes at Chef Salil Mehta’s South-East Asian Spots

June 5, 2023, 5:24.56 pm ET  

Photo: Singapura                                                                             


At Singapura Gramercy, Chef Mehta’s new menu is devoted to roti canai, a humble street food dish. Although, it may have its roots in India with strong Tamil influences, roti canai was unmistakably born in Malaysia and Singapore. The fluffy, flattened, disc-like shape flatbread can be mixed and matched with an array of homemade curry dipping sauces. Other hawker delights include char koay teow (stir fried flat rice noodles cooked with dark soy sauce, chilli, bean sprouts, egg and chives); Singapore laksa (thin rice and egg noodles in a spicy rich curry coconut milk broth); and Singapore chilli crab.  Reservations via Resy

Photo: Kebab aur Shebab                                                                           

Kebab aur Sharab  is unveiling a private dining room named “Chupa Rustam” where the signature dish will be a “double roll.”  It was created in homage to Bollywood and famed actors who have played “double roles” in films such as Deepika Padukone in Chandni Chowk to China and Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om. “The Double Roll” is made with fine minced mutton meat, egg, potato, paneer, mixed vegetables and thinly sliced crunchy onions, wrapped in a freshly baked, layered pratha roti/bread. The Chupa Rustam private dining room opens the week of June 19th. Minimum of four persons; maximum of 10 persons with a minimum spend of $500. 

Photo: Way                                                                                   

At Wau, chef Mehta is transforming the Upper West Side restaurant, into a full-fledged Indonesian eatery with modern touches and locally-sourced ingredients. Here you will find signature dishes such as “Ikan Pepes,” a Chilean sea bass steamed in fragrant banana leaves and served with a spicy Sumatran sambal sauce and tomatoes. There is hearty “Rawon,” an Indonesian beef soup that originated from Surabaya, East Java. Wau’s version is composed of oxtail, buah keluak sambal (from the pangium tree) topped-off with beansprouts, lime and chillies on the side. A Tasting Menu is available Mondays-Thursdays for lunch and dinner priced at $55 per person with an optional Wine Pairing for an additional $25 per person. Resevations via Resy



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