Hitting the sauce from NYC Restaurants

September 14, 2020, 6:22.16 pm ET  

As the weather cools down heat things up with siganture sauces and salsas from NYC restaurants while supporting local eateries from home:

Signature Salsas from Borrachito
- Infuse some heat into any dish! At recently reopened Mexican eatery Borrachito in The East Village, the menu includes a variety of salsas and sauces to garnish the eatery’s cult-favorite tacos, and they offer all of their salsas bottled up to go! Options include jalapeno, chipotle BBQ, and habanero.
- Shop the sauces in-person at Borrachito, located at 206 Avenue A, open from 11am-11pm daily ($8 a bottle)

BBQ sauce from Pig Beach
- Whip up mouthwatering wings at home! Pig Beach is known for its pit-smoked BBQ offerings, and even offers a line of BBQ sauces in different flavors, perfect for upping the ante on your ribs, wings, and beyond!
- Shop the line on Pig Beach Shop ($5.55 each)

Vegan Sour Cream or Salsa Verde from Jajaja
- Vegan Mexican eatery Jajaja garnishes several of their dishes (including Palm Carnitas, the Chorizo Burrito, and their much-loved Nachos) with a tofu-based vegan sour cream that’s so good, you’ll want to take it home for yourself!
- Order a batch of vegan sour cream to garnish any dish at home via Jajaja on Seamless ($8 for 16 oz)

Chili Oil from Junzi
- If you’ve ever tried and failed to recreate some of your favorite noodle sauces or infused oils at home, skip the hassle and add some of Junzi’s premade chili oil to your next takeout or delivery order
- Junzi’s chili oil is shoppable on Square ($13.99 for a pack of two)

Black Vinegar Ginger Sauce or Dumpling Sauce from Nom Wah
- Whether you’re ordering dumplings for takeout or creating them at home, you can take them to the next level with Nom Wah’s signature black vinegar ginger sauce or dumpling sauce
- Sauces are available on Toast ($5 for 8 oz)

Frankie’s Marinara from Frankies
- Skip your usual store-bought marinara for something classic––house-made marinara from Frankies! Made simply from San Marzano tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, the sauce is pre-cooked and ready for spooning onto pasta or pizza
- Marinara is available on Frankies Pantry ($12 for 16 oz)

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