Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen continues fundraising push

May 13, 2020, 5:57.35 pm ET  

Photo: Holy Apostles Food Kitchen                                                                                     

Despite providing nearly 1,000 hot meals daily to New Yorkers who need them, Holy Apostles Food Kitchen in Chelsea was excluded from the latest round of $25 million in state aid.  In April, the soup kitchen launched Operation HopeFULL, a $1Million campaign that rallies support from the broader New York community to ensure those struggling with poverty and homelessness have access to food, clothing, toiletries, masks, and other support. Since launching the campaign, the team has raised over $498K as a result of individual and corporate donations - almost 50% of their $1 Million goal.

Despite the generous donations made to-date, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen remains uncertain of their ability to meet the increasing demand for their pantry program amid the COVID-19 crisis. To support Operation HopeFULL text “FEEDNYC” to 44321 to make a donation, or visit the soup kitchen’s website at www.holyapostlessoupkitchen.org.


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