Immersive Van Gogh to Return to Pier 36

November 2, 2021, 10:44.28 am ET  

Photo: Immersive Van Gogh                                                                             

“Immersive Van Gogh,” the popular art installation and original experiential celebration of the work by beloved post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh, returns by popular demand at Pier 36 (299 South Street) from November 17 through January 2, 2022. The exhibit was previously seen by 800,000 visitors during its New York City premiere in the summer of 2021,

“Immersive Van Gogh” invites audiences to “step inside” the iconic works of Van Gogh, as patrons experience more than 500,000 cubic feet of animated projections, including animated details from works such as Self Portrait with Felt Hat (1887), The Bedroom in Arles (1888), Irises (1889) and The Starry Night (1889).

The installation was designed by Massimiliano Siccardi, with original, mood-setting music, both original and curated, by Luca Longobardi. In addition, Vittorio Guidotti is the Art Director, and David Korins is the exhibition’s Creative Director.

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