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Indoor Dining is returning to NYC on Sept 30th - What you need to know

September 9, 2020, 5:42.52 pm ET

Photo: Anassa Taverna                                                                                               

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing plans for the return of indoor dining at 25 percent capacity starting on Sept 30th. But before you get too excited there are plenty of rules restaurants will have to follow to be in compliance. Here's what the Governor outlined:

- Temperature checks for anyone who comes in at the door

- One member of each party has to leave information, phone number, email, so that there's contact tracing information if there is an outbreak

- No Bar Service. The bars will only be for service bars, for wait staff. They can make drinks.

- Masks must be worn at all time except when you're sitting at the table.

- All tables must be six feet apart.

- Restaurants will close at midnight.

- Restaurants will have the air filtration requirement to enhance their filtration requirement that is specified in the state guidance. They'll be limited to a recirculation.

- Outdoor dining can continue, along with 25 percent of indoor dining. 

New Yorkers are also being asked to report any restaurants not in compliance.  Governor Cuomo saying, "New Yorkers. I'm asking to report violations of that 25 percent capacity. We call it New Yorkers protecting New Yorkers." Cuomo added, " We'll have a special alert phone number. Text number that will go to the task force. And we ask people, if you were in a restaurant and you see more than 25 percent in that restaurant, an indoor dining, you text the violation, the information to the task force. It will all be anonymous."

Cuomo says fifty percent would be the next increase, saying it could come at any time and set November one as a deadline to determine whether or not the city can go from 25 to 50.