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Jungsik Reveals Its New Spring Menu

May 12, 2022, 7:16.11 pm ET

Jungsik Reveals Its New Spring Menu
Photos: Jungsik                                                                                               

Jungsik, the two-starred Michelin restaurant from Chef/Owner Jung Sik Yim, is offering a new spring menu.

The signature menu begins with awe-inspiring banchan, or amuse bouche, five rotating bites all served on white ceramic platforms for a dramatic entrance into the dining experience. New to the menu are the Joo Mok Bap, a crispy squid ink rice ball stuffed with spicy stir-fried squid and shrimp, and a Duck Jangjorim Tartlet made with duck leg confit, marinated with soy sauce and garnished with foie gras mousse, orange compote, and fried potato.

Diners will also discover Carabinero Prawn with Caviar (above), served with smoked carabinero head sauce, anise hyssop oil, and anise hyssop; followed by raw Mackeral, served with a gently fermented tomato and Mat-ganjang seasoned soy, Octopus crisped gochujang aioli and Alaskan Black Cod (below) served in Korean clam stock foam with special soy pickles, truffle juice and pate. Wagyu short rib marinated in a special galbi sauce is finished on a binchotan charcoal grill.

Executive Pastry Chef Yoonjung Oh is offering Carrot for dessert, a carrot cake with cream cheese mousse and pecan praline encased in white chocolate and painted to look like a real carrot. It’s served with black tea ice cream.

The dining experience is priced at $285 with an optional wine pairing. To see the full menu click here