La Rotisserie Looks Beyond Chicken

September 20, 2021, 11:52.53 pm ET  

 La Rotisserie Muscovy Duck, NYC
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If you’re in the camp that everything tastes better when it’s spit-roasted in a rotiserrie, then look no further than La Rotisserie in New York City.  Located in the former Le Coq Rico space, owner Francis Staub is using centuries-old French techniques to turn out tantalizing spit-roasted birds, including whole Muscovy duck and a Sasso chicken raised on Pennsylvania farms. The chicken is seasoned simply with salt, pepper, garlic and thyme and roasted undisturbed for 50 minutes. It’s offered with sauces such as sauce verte with herbs, garlic and anchovy; café de Paris butter with herbs, spices, Cognac and lemon; sauce poivre, a peppery blend of Cognac, cream, shallots, sherry vinegar and jus. 

La Rotisserie, Boneless Prime Short Rib, NYC

Staub is also going beyond birds with spit-roasted boneless prime short rib and salmon “tournedos,” roasted vertically with vegetables. The best way to sample everything is with the Rotisseur’s Menu which offers a choice of roast chicken, duck or short rib (or all three) with green salad and rotisserie potatoes for $42 at dinner and $22 at lunch. Desserts include the La Rotisserie apple tarte.

La Rotisserie Apple Tarte, NYC

La Rotisserie is located at 30 E 20th St, New York, NY 212) 267-7426

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