MJ Café to Open on Lower East Side

August 22, 2022, 5:55.17 pm ET  

MJ Café to Open on Lower East Side               Photos: MJ Cafe                                                                                                        

A new café is popping up near Dimes Square on the Lower East Side.  MJ Café, named founder David Rojas’ parents, Manny and Janeth, is opening at 70 Hester Street.  The Café is serving up espresso from Caffé Vita, baked goods, and everything in between.


The modern, yet homey space doubles as a multi-purpose creative studio with a hidden outdoor patio only accessible through the back storage room. Visitors will also discove art gallery, radio station, and pop-up vendors supporting charitable causes.

MJ Café to Open on Lower East Side

For more information, visit instagram.com/mannyjaneth/

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