July 7, 2021, 12:12.58 am ET  

Photo: Brooklyn Museum                                                                                

“Modern Gothic: The Inventive Furniture of Kimbel and Cabus, 1863–82,” now at the Brooklyn Museum, is the first museum exhibition to trace the American success story and the nearly 20-year partnership of Anton Kimbel and Joseph Cabus, who developed one of New York City's leading furniture and decorating firms. Combining British and continental European design sources, Kimbel and Cabus's furniture forms featured bold, clean lines and rich surface decoration, and the firm used innovative production techniques to offer these striking artistic objects at a variety of prices.

Using both new scholarship and primary sources, the exhibit offers fresh insight into the history of the enterprising design team, their ambitious marketing practices, and their forward-looking clientele. Over 60 objects are on view, with rare examples of furniture from their famous chair designs and dramatic, monumental desks to their quirky, smaller forms decorated with fanciful paper panels, as well as books and ephemera.

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