August 13, 2021, 6:56.04 pm ET  

Mr. Sun, Midtown, NY, Duck Dumplings

A sleek new dim sum house has emerged in Midtown offering flavorful sharable plates. Mr. Sun on West 48th Street has an interesting vibe with pink neon rods embedded it the wall, golden sconces and bulky wooden tables.    

 Mr. Sun, Midtown, NY, Crystal Shrimp Dumplings
Crystal Shrimp

A large part of the menu is dedicated to dim sum, including classics like pork soup dumplings and crystal shrimp, along with some hard-to-find items like decadent duck dumplings, siu mai topped with braised abalone, and edamame dumplings with a black truffle sauce.

 Mr. Sun, Midtown, NY, Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs

Appetizers include shredded jellyfish with scallion oil, and house special spicy beef. Larger plates range from Peking Duck, Basil Flavor Lobster, Stir-Fry Tiger Prawns, Kung Pao chicken, and Pork Ribs stacked high with a house special sauce.  Tofu and vegetarian dishes are also available.

 Mr. Sun, Midtown, NY, Abalone Siu Mai
Abalone Siu Mai

Mr. Sun is located at 48 West 48th St, New York, NY (718) 316-9811

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